How To Get Allot Out Of A Little

Your Guide To Success

Have you wondered what could expand your business? Of course, you have. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we all look at what we can do to add more income to the bank account. If that means adding services, making changes to our daily routines, and how we manage our time more effectively – we’ll do it all. Although doing those tasks can and may change your business for the better there are other effective small changes you can make that can change your business volumes. In this article, we will go over three ways you can maximize results with minor changes to your daily routines and tasks.

  1. Pre Planning And How It Can Help You Listen Better

There is no question that listening is the key to communicating effectively. Whether you are salesmen, client, or speaking with a potential customer, how you communicate matters. In an interview with serial entrepreneur, Clint Gibbons, on Evolved Lyfe, he mentions ways on how you can listen better when calling businesses (You can find that interview here). He states that you need to put aside all distractions – cell phones, tablets, computers (unless you’re using that for the task at hand), TV, etc. By doing this you allow your brain to focus on just the task at hand. After you have taken out all distractions write down all the things you may or may not understand. This will allow you to ask better questions. We’ve written out five questions you should ask yourself so you can be a more effective communicator!

  • What makes the client think what’s not important?
  • Is there something that drives the client?
  • What is my long-term objective with this relationship with this person?
  • How do I want this person’s business to grow?
  • What’s ahead in one to two years later?

When answering these questions it’s important that you really take time to answer these honestly. This will mean the difference between gaining a client, customer, or sale. You can also ask yourself these questions when talking in person. Now we don’t expect you to pull out a pen and piece of paper to write these all down in front of a client or customer but trust your instincts. As you develop these skills they will start to come more naturally over time.

If you feel you need more references on this Tony Robbins has a blog post about The Two Keys To Persuasion. He goes over how to communicate and get right to the root of what causes others to buy your product or services.

  1. Customer Service – How To Get What You Want

For some businesses, they need to sell directly to a higher position holding individuals in a company which means needing to get past a gatekeeper. If you have ever been in business to business sales this is almost always the case. This can be a troubling and daunting task for some but there are ways to overcome this fear and produce great results!

By asking questions that are above the gatekeepers knowledge you automatically put yourself as the higher individual in the conversation. You’re not achieving this by boasting or having a bigger ego but by asking well-designed questions that put the gatekeeper on their toes. They will most likely begin to ask you questions out of curiosity about your product or service and this is your time to listen. You can develop a relationship by gaining their perspective on why they may or may not want your service. This is okay because you want the relationship and bond with that person and company. With some persistence and persuasion, you will get past the gatekeeper and arrange that call or meeting with the owner/CEO!

  1. Leadership – How To Be Better Leader

Putting this information together and utilizing the tools that Evolved Lyfe provides you will assist you in becoming an amazing leader. You are probably wondering, but how do I become the leader everyone wants to listen too? Take the following suggestions and apply them to your workspace.

  • Build Pathways For Others To Grow

When you treat your employees like you would treat a potential customer or client this allows them to make decisions for themselves. Give avenues to explore their own personal development, share what you have learned from previous mentors, and open up a source for them to learn from. When you enable the other person to learn and make their own decisions they will grow a bond with you that will last a lifetime. You will innately develop more leaders in your business which is a win-win for you and them!

  • Give Tasks That Challenge Your Team

Challenge your team to tasks that are within their abilities. Give incentives for those who call the most businesses, set up the most meetings, or successfully reach a personal goal. This will ensure your team members interact with you and stay in constant communication. After all, healthy competition in the workplace boosts productivity!

  • Be Yourself!

No one likes having a power hungry manager or owner barking down their throat. Interacting with your team members on a personal level will make them feel like they are level with you and are most likely to do what you ask them to do. Be constructive and positive with your attitude. This will make all the difference for them and YOU!

In all, there are some great strategies out there that can really boost you and your company to new levels. By utilizing just some of these techniques listed you can be sure to see some positive results in productivity, communication, and personal development. It’s important to practice these skills and listen to those around you. By asking better questions and writing them down every day you will ensure your path to success! It’s simple to get a lot out of a little!


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