Moments Of Massive Transformation

It doesn’t take long for someone to realize that they may not be where they wish to be in life. This was the case for the entrepreneur, author, and transformation coach, Pattee Brown. In a recent interview I conducted with Pattee she informed me that she was not always this person that everyone sees her as now. In her twenties, she was naive, shy, and overweight. This did not stop her desire to achieve more in life. Pattee ended up losing over 150 pounds and achieving much abundance in her life. Pattee knew she had to change and what you will find is that she revealed a simple three step process that anyone can follow to achieve radical transformation in their lives. We’ll dive into how you can identify, research, and construct an action plan for your transformation.

How You Transform

You may not realize but you are always transforming. From the time you were born to where you are now you have experienced many different variations of transformation. As human beings, we tend to attach ourselves to things that bring comfort and joy and this may not always be a healthy option for us. If we do not take control of our situations and our emotional wellbeing then things tend to get out of hand. True transformation comes from Identifying the problem so you can start taking proactive steps to overcoming. Here are the three steps to achieving that.

1) Identify The Problem

Are you overweight as Pattee once was? Do you have a dis-ease hidden within the body? Are you not progressing fast enough in your personal development? The first step to creating massive transformation is acknowledging that you are unhappy with a result in your life. Whatever that result may write it down so you can see it, hear it, and feel it. Once you have written things down you are unsatisfied with move on to the next step.

2) Ask Why

Once you identify an issue it’s time to start digging. Look into why you may be overweight – have you been eating too much? Are you eating the right foods? If you have a disease look back to when you were healthy, just before you were sick. What changes occur? Did you have emotional trauma? Did you eat certain foods? Ask yourself the right questions. You have to create a situation where you can start with a clean slate. The process of asking why will help shock your subconscious and get you out of the same space where the problem arrived. This is where healing can begin.

3) Take Action

This is where the magic happens and we hear this time and time again. Take action! Project yourself where you want to be and ask yourself what you need to do right now to begin this transformation. Write down all the ways you can overcome your certain situation. Your brain is creative, expressive, and responsive just like any muscle you must use it to your advantage! Once you start asking yourself ways to overcome and heal a certain situation you will start finding those ways. It’s now up to you to take massive action on these steps and begin your transformation.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to creating massive transformation in your life! Use this method in all areas of your life in health, wealth, love, and relationships – you’ll be glad you did. If this worked for Pattee so she could lose over one hundred pounds, become an author, businesswoman, and coach it can and will surely work for you as well. You are a powerful individual who has a lot of control over their life. Now go out there and create massive transformation!


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