Making Drastic Change Is The Only Way To Get Drastic Results


If you want to get drastic results, you have to make drastic changes. Quantum physics plays a huge role in making these huge leaps and if it’s like this in physics, it actually applies to your life. To make a quantum leap is significantly different than this gradual process. Typically we think of time and space, for example, as a distance, a location and a clock setting. The reality is that we have to look forward beyond that and think to quantum physics. What happens with quantum physics is that things can change in an instant with out being a linear progression. Particles and waves can move from location to location with seamlessly no effort, energy being used or time being taken. They can actually show up in multiple places at once.

If we take that same idea that things can just happen overnight, and maybe if you think back to a time where things just clicked for you and all of a sudden it became easy, that’s a quantum leap. This happens all the time, so it’s highly likely you’ve already experienced this before in some aspect of your life. In order to do this, control it and make it actually happen for us, we have to follow a few key principles and think in a certain way so that we can make these quantum leaps and make drastic change to get the drastic results. It’s great to grow things 1% each day, 10% each week or whatever works for you and get a little bit better every day. It’s not as painful or as much risk involved, but at the end of the day, there’s also not as much reward when you do these things slowly and gradually.

We want to make better decisions and learn from our experiences, but a lot of time what happens is that we get to a point of diminishing returns where the only way we can get better, is to work harder. Even if you’ve done something several times and it’s worked well for you each time, at a certain point, what worked before doesn’t continue to work. You probably don’t want to have to work 100 times harder today than you did yesterday. You should be enjoying yourself and having a good time with it, but in order to get there, you have to let go of things that hold you back. That means you have to let go of beliefs and the way you’re doing things and the decisions you’re making on a daily basis. If you don’t, you’ll end up doing the same thing day in and day out and if you’re doing the same thing every day, you’re going to get the same results. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

The first thing you should think about if you want to make quantum change is actually to quit trying harder. If you have goals that you’ve set for yourself, to get to them, yes you can work harder on them. But, that’s only going to serve to do one thing… make sure that you work harder! Quantum leaps actually come when you let go of the things that aren’t working for your and change your way of thinking to where you believe that anything is possible and that without a doubt, there’s a way to do it. That doesn’t necessarily require more work. You know that you’re going to come to a place where you might have a hurdle to overcome or a new path to take and sometimes going around it isn’t necessarily the path of most resistance, but the path of most allowance. If you start thinking that you’re going to take things in the path of most allowance, then things start to happen for you and get easier. So working harder ends of up not being the case at all and instead, you actually work with less energy need to accomplish the same amount. You’ll be able to accomplish so much more by actually changing the way you think about things and letting go of the belief that you have to work harder.

Quantum leaps come when you seek that elegant solution. Think about smart phones like the iPhone. That was a quantum leap in technology in thinking of what phones would be able to do. Many of us find ourselves using the phone for far more than just making calls, whether it be texting, taking pictures or using the many apps provided to us. It’s truly a super computer in your hand that can do so much. So, when you think about what the elegant solution is with things, you’re going to solve problems and find new opportunities by thinking what the easiest way to do things are by taking the least amount of steps in having the most impact. To do this, you’re going to have to ignore your conventional approaches because while you only know that you know, there’s so much more information that you don’t know.

When you start to take a look at things in a way that allows you to think bigger, about the challenges and the opportunities that lie in each one of those challenges, that’s an opportunity for you to make a change and pivot off what you’re doing. Look for the approach that is characterized by things that are simplistic, have precision, efficiencies, are repeatable and neat and they won’t be as complex and time consuming as the other steps you’re used to taking. Otherwise you’ll continue to follow the pattern of doing the same thing and having the same results. This might serve you for a period of time, but not in the long term, but more gradual growth.

To make quantum shifts, you really have to start focusing on the possibilities rather than your limits and obstacles. Move outside your current beliefs and boundaries and when you catch yourself complaining about how something is, try to change and reword it to a positive thought. As a result, you’ll start to get all kinds of intuitions on how to solve problems you may be experiencing and that will create huge opportunities for you, people around you and possibly even the world. So, taking that approach makes things so much more simplistic, a lot of fun and you multiply your performance potential in every aspect of your life.

If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits!

Rather than fighting against the current, going with the flow always brings great opportunities. When you see a problem, look at the solutions instead of the problem.. not just the solutions, but the opportunities created from that problem. What ends up happening if you focus on the problem, is that it just gets bigger. But if you put a positive spin to your thinking and focus on how you can go about making the result a better one and figuring out the path to get there, you’ll start to get those intuitions and have huge breakthroughs.

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