How Racing Drives Us

By January 5, 2016articles, my journey

It does not matter if we are using two legs, two wheels if we are human powered or motor powered we always find a way to race. There is a starting line and a finish line and once we define some rules we are off to the races to see who can cross the finish line first. It becomes a spectacle and it does not take long for records to be set and records to be broken. As humans we consistently are challenged and we consistently evolve as racers we make this process a primary focus of our existence. It no longer is becomes an organic process, we risk everything just to push the envelope a little further.

When I bought my first race track I wrote what I called a Mantra (click here to read). I used the wrong word for a title but what I put down for that venue is something I have taken with me wherever I go. Without even realizing what these words would set into motion I put them down and made them public. It started out with:

If you are reading this memo, we believe in you.

I wanted to make sure that anyone who was going to come would feel welcomed. I wanted everyone to know they started with a clean slate. I went on to set some ground rules for conduct so that all could enjoy themselves.

If you are reading this memo, we are calling on you to be part of our family. The initiation is simple, but very important — all we ask is that you:
– have perspective & enlightenment
– be inspiring & passionate
– promote goodness
– be a catalyst for improvement
– promote health

I went into detail on each of these aspects. I wanted nothing more than to create a community where people could escape from the daily routine. A place for families and friends to get away from the chaos perpetuated by work, traffic and any other stressors. I had a really good reason for this.

I grew up racing and it taught me more than any schooling I had received. I learned how to win and how to lose. I learned how to be strategic and tenacious. Racing helped keep my family together through the difficult times. I wanted to make a place for where others could reap the same rewards. Although my first endeavor did not cultivate the environment I was trying to instill I am so grateful that my second one San Antonio Raceway did.

The race track is more than what meets the eye at first glance. Yes it is true t first glance is very exciting too. Watching people break records is awe inspiring. The smell of race fuel is so potent sometimes it is literally breathtaking — some types of fuel actually suck all of the oxygen out of the air so you cannot breath. The noise can actually shake your body so much that your heart seems change its beat pattern. There is no other experience like it as each of your senses are stimulated and adrenaline pulses through your veins. These are the outward experiences when witnessing one race but when you dig deeper you can see that there is so much more.

Watching someone overcome all odds just to be able to line up to race is heroic. The countless high fives seen throughout the pits sends a ripple of good vibes around the facility. The endless sea of smiles and words of gratitude bring about a change in thousands. Each and every person comes to the track with a purpose, with a goal and the camaraderie of everyone working together makes the achievement secondary to the relationships formed.

Racing builds communities like the ones our grandfathers talked about in the past. The racers come out to make history while the fans come out to support it. The track is a place where everyone can feel safe and secure. There are common dreams and the relationships that are created are lifelong. It’s really amazing how the competition rarely gets in the way of the mutual respect. Racers would rather help each other succeed than to win by default. There is a higher level of importance on collaboration and cooperation than on taking a win. There really is nothing else like it.

I get to watch so many people leave the race track with huge smiles and it truly warms my heart. If we each take this same level of enthusiasm, determination and tenacity to every aspect of our life we can live life to its fullest. If you have never been to a race I invite you to come out to San Antonio Raceway and experience it for yourself. I challenge you to get involved and see how many of these aspects you recognize for yourself. I hope that whomever you are when you come out you experience each of these things and take them home with you, take them to work with you each day. You deserve abundance and greatness. The easiest way to receive it is to surround yourself with it.

Racing drives people to do more than they ever thought possible. The racing community creates bonds that last a lifetime. It is something that cannot be explained with words alone but through an experience. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it for yourself.

If you are in the San Antonio come visit us at San Antonio Raceway and like us on facebook.

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