Angela’s Journey: From Banker To Healer

In a world saturated with poor diets, doctors overmedicating patients, and diseases forming in all ranges, it’s fair to say that we have some work to do here on earth. Angela Vlasak was just like you and me, except she may have actually had it worse. As the inflammation progressed in her body she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome just to name a few. Most of these diseases are “incurable” to our modern medicine world. This leads her to a search of self-discovery and practices that would inevitably lead her to heal all her ailments. She ended her day job and decided that the world needed to hear her miracle. This is her story.

It Starts In The Gut

There’s no getting around it. Before juice cleanses, veganism, and 21 Day Fixes, Hippocrates had said, “all disease starts in the gut”. Thousands of years later, we’ve got scientific evidence to back this up. Angela discovered first hand that this was the case. Doctors would suggest foods and medications for her ulcerative colitis, ultimately exacerbating the problem. Angela had to find a ‘futuristic’ way to heal. Enter nutrigenomics-the study of how food in itself heals the body, the gut, and better yet, your genes. The truth is what Angela was eating, and not eating, was causing inflammation which was actually triggering her body’s response to one of illness. “Inflammation is the response of the immune system to foreign invaders, toxins and cell injury. Chronic inflammation, involving the entire body, is believed to drive many killer diseases. –

Mind Over Matter

This was not an easy feat. She had to overcome mental strains, cravings, and the challenges of everyday life from her diseases, but she found solace in adding one simple addition to her morning routine. She would wake up, write down three things she was grateful for, and spend at least ten minutes appreciating everything she was going through. How can any sane person be thankful for living such a painful life? Well, she teaches that in order for the mind to overcome disease and heal, we need to create a loving and accepting mindset to soothe our nervous system. When we stay in a stress-induced mindset, we prohibit the nervous system from healing. You know that one-million-year-old instinct fight or flight? Unfortunately, we kept that way of thinking even if we are not dodging flying spears and running from wild animals.

Think of a time something scared, challenged, or stressed you. In times like these, your brain thinks it needs to defend itself from a threat – the nervous system tenses the muscles, stresses the cells, and if left alone too long, begins to damage the body. Do you see how this relates? Like every other human being, when Angela felt fearful she was preventing her body from naturally healing the root causes of her diseases. It might not have been her fault that the issues arose but how she dealt with them was her choice – free will.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” – Angela Vlasek.

How can you apply Angela’s winning formula for success to your life for improved health and wellness?

Stress Conversion – To convert stress into joy, Angela practices a morning routine for just seven days.

  1. Wake up ten minutes earlier than normal.
  2. Write down the things you are grateful for.
  3. Appreciate your life – everyone and everything inside it.
  4. At the end of those seven days, write down what is different.  Use these questions to measure results.
    1. How does your mind process differently?
    2. How does your body feel?
    3. Are you more in tune with the world around you?
    4. See how seven days can make all the difference.

Design Your Life Wellness

Angela has an amazing methodology on a diet which she created with Design Your Life Wellness that reduces inflammation and reverses the effects of auto immunes disease for many people. If you want to learn more you can book a free 20-minute call-in session where you can share your story and she will guide you through the process.


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