Creating Self-Sustaining Consciousness

New Earth Coherence

Consciousness is the life behind all that we see – the plants you smell, the birds you watch and the starry sky you look up to at night. When you hear the word consciousness does this bring a heightened awareness of you? Do you feel yourself shifting focus? Are you thinking that you are thinking? Where I am about to bring you is something that is no longer hidden behind secret societies. These words are to bring an awareness into your consciousness so that you may take control of your life and begin to create what you have always wanted. Consciousness flows through every individual, every entity, and every form in the cosmos.

In life, you have the ability to grow and experience everything and anything in a number of infinite ways. The greatest blessing is that you get to control the joystick the whole time. This gives you a sense of excitement, right? It should. Since we control what we experience we have the power to change anything that is within our awareness. Let’s face it… Our current worldview is unsustainable, unreliable, and creates much destruction for ourselves and the environment. In this new paradigm of thinking, we will literally manifest a new way of living from a space of pure consciousness and awareness. This world is beautiful and self-sustaining though it’s up to us to create the same in our day through mastering our thoughts and emotions.

Self-sustaining intelligence

When we think of self-sustaining intelligence we tend to drift into the realm of robots and artificial intelligence; however, I am going to give a very different definition of self-sustaining intelligence in the view of world consciousness. By now you might have heard that your thoughts create your reality and this goes infinitely small (your subconscious mind) to the infinitely large (the universe or higher self). Your thoughts and emotions are connected and correlate to the way that you perceive and create in the world around you. By understanding how your thoughts and belief patterns create your reality we can begin to shift those and remove the beliefs that no longer serve your highest purpose or your path to the goals you’ve created. Being in balance with that which is around us is the first step of staying coherent and allowing this life to manifest itself.

Leaving Coherence

In order to maintain self-sustaining intelligence, we have to practice the art of energy and thought that is us. This is where bringing awareness to the self is so important. The HeartMath Institute of California has actually scientifically measured the energetic fields around the human body which is created from the heart and influenced by the mind. They have correlated these phenomena as the ‘field of coherence’, which all beings and life communicate through. When these fields are in harmonious vibrations which are controlled by our thoughts and emotions we can actually raise the vibrational frequency of the consciousness of the planet and ourselves! Now, this may seem outlandish but there are studies which prove this theory correct which you can read HERE. When our thoughts are not of love, joy, and happiness (yes even in rough situations) we actually start to create a disharmony in the world and within ourselves which influences EVERYTHING around us! It is quite phenomenal that science has now proven how these emotions and thoughts can influence our lives. Here are a couple ways you can see if you are out of coherence:

  1. You are feeling anxious
  2. You feel angry or resentful
  3. You are feeling doubtful
  4. You are out of control with your emotions

These are a few ways to tell if you are out of coherence or out of alignment with the heart field of coherence. These emotions can arise from the past, present, or future which is a direct result of your thoughts leaving the present moment. Now that we know what pulls us out of coherence let’s look at ways that bring us back into coherence and back to a balanced lifestyle.

Creating Coherence

We all experience an array of emotions which influence our daily lives. It’s up to us to support the ones that bring about self-sustaining thoughts and emotions. Some of you may feel like there is no way out and you may be right. Though there are ways if you choose which will align you once again into the heart field coherence. By becoming aware of your emotional standpoint at any given moment you can then begin to understand what thoughts are contributing to those emotions. As you begin to become aware you may release those thoughts by focusing your consciousness (your thoughts) on your heart and breathing in a rhythmic pattern. Here are 3 steps you can take to come back into coherence and a higher state of consciousness:

  1. Take 10 slow deep breaths focusing on releasing tension
  2. Become aware of your current thoughts. Answer these questions: How are they influencing your energy? Where do these thoughts stem from?
  3. Start remembering or envisioning something you find as joyful, as play or fun. Focus on these thoughts along with another 10 deep breaths focused on the heart or until you feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over you.

Congratulations, you just came back into coherence!

Bringing ourselves into a harmonious state allows us to communicate more effectively, heal more efficiently, and enable us to be fully present in the moment. We are all connected through subtle energy fields which we can all attune to at any time if we choose. For this reason, it is imperative that we shift our awareness and live in a higher state of conscious creation. If you wish to understand more deeply about coherent fields, the heart, and how you can influence everything around you check out the Institute of HeartMath. They have mapped these fields of energy and have shown how our thoughts directly correlate with our coherence.

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