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Go To Strategies For Overcoming Obstacles

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I’ve been fortunate to have a great deal of success in my life, but there’s been a lot of adversity too. We all have times in our lives where we are blindsided by something being thrown at us we didn’t expect. There are some go-to strategies that I have to help me overcome obstacles that come my way that I wanted to share in hopes that they might help you too.

I’ve shared numerous stories where I’ve had to overcome obstacles throughout my life. One, for example, is when I was backpacking through Europe and I ended up sleeping on the floor of the Amsterdam train station. Back then, the train station was a little scary of an environment and I definitely stood out as someone who didn’t belong there amongst the others. I honesty didn’t know if I would make it through the night and had to make friends with people that I never thought I would make friends with to just get through the night as I was surrounded by people who were definitely up to no good. These people saw me as a target.

Another time was when I had a great 3 years traveling around from country to country on a shoe string budget with a backpack most of the time and finding whatever job I needed to get to help me get by. I had made some amazing relationships along the way and had a girlfriend at the time. However, when I was living in Sweden, we broke up and I was completely heartbroken, broke and had to come back to the United States and start from scratch. It was terrifying to do it, but I found my way.

There’s major adversity that we all face at one time or another. There are three things that I look at when I know that I’m facing adversity and they’re three things that I can do consistently to make sure that I am set up as best as possible for growth and have some kind of spring board.

Here are the 3 go to strategies:

  1. Make sure your mind is right. There’s so much information out there these days that actually can scare us and hold us back. What ends up happening is that we end up in a place where our mind is thinking about all the stuff going on around us in a negative way. Even when we watch TV, there’s so much stuff that we watch that’s really overdramatized and that can actually affect us. So the first thing I look at when things are going wrong, is what am I feeding my mind. Am I watching things that give me anxiety or scare me? Am I surrounding myself with people who say or do things that make me feel bad or any negative emotion like fear, anxiety or depression etc. Any information we take in can have an affect on us. If I am in a place where there’s going to be some craziness going on or big changes, the first thing I need to do is make sure that I’m feeding myself information that’s going to make me believe that this is for the best and will create change that will ultimately help me get through. For example, I might watch a video from an inspirational speaker or an uplifting movie, which can help to give me inspiration and hope. If we feed ourselves things that make us feel we can’t do something or maybe the world is against us, then we will end up feeling that way. Sometimes we are feeling this way and then have people around us feeling the same way and when we are trying to do something beyond where we are, those people are going to hold us back. Surround yourself with lots of possibilities so this way it comes into your mind that it is possible to move forward and make a better life for yourself and you can overcome any obstacles that might come your way.
  2. Feed your spirit. When you feed your spirit, that can be through prayer or meditation etc. You can ask for whatever you want. Don’t just wait until things go wrong, go ahead and ask. But, don’t just ask and move on. You have to listen as when you’re putting out those prayers, information is going to come back to you and tell you what your next step is. So make sure your prayer and what you’re asking for is very clear and specific in what you want. Don’t just say “I want money”, but say how much. Don’t say “I need help”, be specific with what you need help with. If you start doing that and ask for specific needs or questions, and then stop and listen (even had a notepad handy), you’ll start to receive answers. This takes some practice, but if you spend the time doing it, you’re actually going to feed your spirit because you’ll start to have understandings and revelations about yourself and even how the world works. You’ll understand that you’re not a victim, but really in control of anything that you want. Be prepared that life will throw curveballs your way but it’s often just to put you in another path better for you. Obstacles are a chance for us to grow and evolve. The more you practice this, the more you will get results.
  3. Take care of your body. For me, if I’m not healthy, my mind isn’t going to function as well as it should, I won’t have the energy to meditate, think clearly or take the actions I need to take. Make sure that you’re taking the best care of your body that you can. That doesn’t mean you can’t go out with friends or celebrate and indulge at times. You can do those things that are an exception, but it can’t be something you do regularly. You have to enjoy your life, of course. Look to eat things that are healthy, but it doesn’t have to be a drastic change. Your life depends on it. This goes for food, information, exercise etc. Think of everything that you take in as consumption and you’re going to get out what you put in. Keeping your body healthy will give you a lot more energy to do the things you need to do.

Those are three takeaways that I’ve learned. When I was in the train station in Amsterdam, I had to make sure I was resourceful. I sat there and thought about what was going through my mind and when I was in fear from all these strangers standing above me realizing things could get really bad, I stopped and thought about what I was feeling. I realized there was no reason for them to attack me and decided to think positive thoughts and then all of a sudden, one of them started talking to me and I ended up buddying up with him. Then others started to talk to us and it’s because I got my mind and my thoughts right and prayed and listened for what I needed to do next, even in that moment, which helped me get through it.

Make sure you’re constantly feeding yourself the right foods, information and feed your spirit and soul because you’ll get so much more out of life. I hope this helps you in your journey and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer and help.

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Expect More To Get More

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Expect More To Get More

One of the best ways to get more out of anything in life is to lay out expectations. All too often we work really hard to prepare, to get things done and then once we are done, we move on to the next task. We completely forget to lay out our expected outcome of what we do before we even get started. It’s equivalent to rolling dice and not even hoping for a specific outcome. When you set your expectations from the get go, you will get more. Even when you don’t get the exact outcome you want you will be able to see where you went wrong allowing you to make improvements for the next time. Often you will find that if you just raise your expectations you will get more than if you just create something without them.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

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Why You So Serious? How I Learned To Laugh!

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Why You So Serious- How I Learned To Laugh!

Either your experiences define you, or you choose to define your experiences. I want to share an example of how I let a childhood experience hold me back for over 30 years and how I let it go. It wasn’t a belief that was going to serve me anymore; it was a limiting belief.  I redefined how I was going to interpret what happened when I was little and now that belief no longer defines me. All it took was changing how I looked at it. It improved my relationship with so many around me, especially my father & myself!

When I was 5 years old, my friend and I were sitting on a washing machine. We were laughing hysterically because had looked down to see that the dry dog food that we had put water in, that had been sitting for a few days, looked like “poop” with flies all around it and we were thinking about the dog eating it. My father then walked over to clean it up and we thought it was funny that it looked like he was cleaning up “poop”. Here I’m sure my dad had a strenuous long day and he’s getting laughed at by two little kids. My father wanted to know what was so funny. We couldn’t stop laughing enough to tell him, which enraged him. He sent my friend home and sent me to my room. As a result, for many years, I felt I couldn’t laugh and people would always ask me “Why You So Serious?”.

Apparently that is how I came across pretty often and I couldn’t remember what made me that way. I had blocked out this experience until very recently.   Now I’ve rewritten that with the understanding that my father had to deal with a lot of other stuff that day, us laughing was not making him feel any better. Now when I think about the situation, it is very funny to me, which means that I can laugh about it all the time. So, rather than letting that experience define me, I’ve redefined that experience. Hopefully you have something in your life that you can find that was a little bit traumatic and find a way to change the way that you are thinking about things for the better so that you can have a happier life.

Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future

I’d love to hear about your experiences. Please comment below or even make a video and tag me in it. I’d love to see you use this for yourself to have a more fulfilling life. Feel free to ask me questions if you are struggling. Much love to you all!

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ten minutes from bliss

Ten Minutes From Living In Bliss

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Today during my daily meditation something enormous shifted. The typical meditation usually revolves around concentrating on my breathing and clearing my mind. After a few minutes I get into what I call “the deep silence.” It is the point where I feel like I actually hear the silence and it is only interrupted by the sound of my inhales filling my lungs and exhales filling the room. Time seems to stop and eternity seems to begin. It is at this point that I get messages from somewhere. It could be God, my intuition or somewhere else. The fact of the matter is it does not matter where it comes from, but these feelings seem to always guide me to the next step.

Today was different. Today every bit of my insides were screaming, screaming in awe, screaming in gratitude, screaming in joy. A chill ran through my spine which suspended me and electricity pulsed through every vein down to the smallest capillary. I could feel my heart with delicate precision and my life force radiate from my solar plexus.

I became overwhelmed with bliss, I had never felt this good about life ever before. Like everyone else I’ve had some high ups and low downs that were direct results of things that occurred in daily life. This was something different, this was a force from within. This is something that no matter your education, social, economic or any other condition anyone can have. Below is what I changed to bring it out for me and my meditation clearly explained that if anyone does these things they will feel these things too.

ten minutes from bliss

It doesn’t take long, it only took consistency. Five-ten minutes before going to bed and five-ten minutes before getting started each day can drastically changed the course of my life. The steps below help me focus on the things that matter the most to me, a positive mindset, feel great about myself & my life, activating my intuition and accomplish my long term goals.

Before I go to bed:

  1. Make a to do list for tomorrow. After writing the list I put a letter(s) next to each of them. G — items aligned with long term goals (I sometimes break this into HI for items of high impact or H$ for items of high dollar value. R-personal recreation. U — Items of urgency. TE — Tasks or Errands. NMP — Not My Problem — but I am doing for someone else. As a starting point I broke my time into this ratio and order: 25% — G, 25% — U, 25% — R, 15% — TE, <10% — NMP. There are days where this may shift a bit but I don’t let working toward my goals be less than two and half hours and I the Not My problem be more than one hour.
  2. Make a list at least five things I am grateful for. The last two of them are things I want to happen tomorrow. I read it aloud before I sleep because the subconscious will work on finding ways to expand my awareness to opportunity.
  3. I ask my subconscious to help me with anything I feel is beyond my logical mind: solving problems, see opportunities, improved relationships, memory. Anything I want.
  4. I ask my inner self/intuition/soul/spirit (whatever you want to call it) to guide me. I surrender to it, I know that it knows best. I ask it, “What do I need to do/become so that I can live a complete life?”
  5. I set a timer for 3 minutes, go to a mirror, gaze into my own eyes, look at myself as if I am in love and tell myself that I love yourself. I say this aloud. I list off each thing that I can think of that I love about myself. Physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual qualities. If I are out of things before the timer goes off I just stare in silence until the next thing comes. As learned in Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.

love yourself

Upon Rising:

  1. Review my gratitude list.
  2. Stretch
  3. Ask my inner self to be your guide. (repeat 4 above)
  4. I love yourself exercise. (repeat 5 above)
  5. Review my to-do list. Start with your G items — I never sacrifice long term goals for short term gains. I start delegating the NMP items back to whomever’s problem it is.

If you are going to try this please note: The first few days may take longer than ten minutes. You may also notice that you have many NMPs on your list. To resolve this just start saying “NO!” If you are having trouble saying no be sure to read Say No – When & How to Use This Powerful Word.

There are essentially three ways to handle the Not My Problem items:

  1. Do it to completion & do it to the best of your abilities. Take it as a lesson learned and let go of all resentment.
  2. Don’t do it and disappoint yourself and the person expecting you to do it.
  3. Delegate it back to the person who gave it to you. This allows you to maintain your integrity, compromise and give the person a chance to make alternative arrangements.

These hard conversations will make it much easier to say no in the future. When people bring you their problems you can just remind yourself “Not my problem…” (I often say “Not my fucking problem,” in my head to drive home that I am not going to identify with this nor am I going to take it on my shoulders to solve.)

After a week you should be making strides at achieving your goals. Most importantly you should be enjoying yourself every moment of each day because you are doing what you want to do. You are calling the shots and nothing is more empowering than knowing that you are working towards what YOU want. Following this formula will help you to get the most out of each day.

Wish you luck and please feel free to message me questions and feedback. Don’t forget to follow me on facebook, twitter and subscribe to me on mediumyoutube.

ego just got handed to me

Yup, I Just Got My Ego Handed To Me

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I was at one of my favorite lunch spots today when my wife, with concern in her eyes, said to me, “Whoa, that sounds tough. So what are you going to do?” I sat back. I needed to think. My mind was blank. The silence grew with each passing second. Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock . . .

I looked up and to my left and saw a painted sign on the wall bearing the message: Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and keep going.

I read the words aloud as I turned back to my wife with the hint of a smile spreading across my lips. Those words were my answer. The irony is that even though I come to this restaurant pretty often, I never before noticed that particular sign on the wall. Maybe it was because I hadn’t yet needed to.

ego just got handed to me

Let me rewind a bit. Earlier today I was on cloud nine. The stock market was finally back up, my website was nearing completion, recent blog posts were bearing new fruits, and I was feeling really good about some new adventures I was undertaking. Actually I had been feeling unstoppable for about  36 hours straight . This usually means I’ve got enough positive momentum to fuel me for a few more weeks. This time was different.

If you have ever thought you had nearly accomplished something monumental only to discover you had to start over, you may understand my despair. Perhaps it was a project that took you days, weeks, or months. Something you poured your heart and soul into.

In my case, it was a book I had spent months writing and that I thought perfectly encapsulated the wisdom I’d accumulated during my 37 years on the planet. I was excited for my 11 a.m. phone meeting with one of the six book editors I was considering hiring. She had read my draft and was going to give me her feedback and discuss how she could help me bring my book to life.

I went into the call thinking she was most likely the person I would hire. During our first call a few weeks earlier, I could tell from her banter, the way she jumped around to touch upon various topics, and her quick wit and candor that she was going to be a good fit. While some people may have had a hard time keeping up with her, I sensed a creative genius who could maintain three conversations simultaneously, speak in abstract terms, and get down to the fine details without sacrificing quality. People with these attributes, in my mind, usually make superb partners and probably excellent editors.

Within a few minutes of today’s call though, my heart began to sink and  my enthusiasm began to retreat. I felt like a speed bag that Manny Pacquiao just threw his best punches at. This was one of the hardest calls I have had in a long time. This person I had so much admiration for was dissecting much of what I had written. With each piece of constructive criticism, one part of me was crushed while another part of me knew I needed to listen.

While my first instinct naturally was to defend my writing, I didn’t. Instead I listened intently. Next I asked questions so I could better understand her perspectives, some of which challenged me more than others. The parts that hurt, only hurt my ego though. When I got past the initial sting, I knew deep inside she was accurate in her assessments.

It was not that I had done anything wrong; it was that my draft book hadn’t accomplished what I had hoped it would. It didn’t strongly, consistently, or clearly convey my hard-won wisdom. The essence of my richest content was lost when I wrote in ways that didn’t play to my strengths Bottom line, my draft wasn’t gelling as a book in its current form. I knew she was right. There was nothing to argue. It was only worthwhile to focus on a solution. And we did. Together we came up with a plan for my writing and a new approach to developing my book.

But still. I had been so eager to release a book that wasn’t yet ready to be released. A big part of me wanted to end the day early, kick back in my living room, and watch the rain come down. Maybe I could wallow in self-pity for a few hours, but I knew that would just be a waste of time.

Instead, I chose to focus on my “lessons learned” from this experience:

  1. Listen for the truth in what the other person is saying. If they are a hater, ignore them. In this case, this woman spent hours reading through my draft, she made notes, she spent hours on the phone, and she truly wants to see me succeed. I will be eternally grateful for the feedback she has given me.
  2. Take every opportunity to learn, especially if you don’t like what you are hearing. The biggest growth comes from the biggest challenges.
  3. If you don’t do it perfectly the first time, it’s okay. It just means you have room to grow. The opportunity to learn is one of the reasons we are here.
  4. This was partially a test. If I could not follow my own advice as shared in my writings, I may have gotten insulted and hung up the phone.
  5. Always be prepared to change course. You never know what obstacles may come forth. It does not mean you need to change your destination but be ready to change how you get there. Each moment unfolds to give you the knowledge you need, exactly when you need it.
  6. Focus on the solution. If they don’t have one , they are probably a hater. This woman had several options for next steps. All with merit.

A lot got stirred up for me today. While I’m grateful I was able to quickly shift into “lessons learned” mode, I’m still close enough to this experience that I may not yet have mined all its gems. So if you see other valuable lessons here, please share them with me. In the meantime, I’m going to keep on keeping on because the writing is literally on the wall: Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and keep going.



thank you; you hurt me if it were not for you; i’d still be the one I was before; you knew me because of the pain; i now see -grae

thank you; you hurt me

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Recently, I have been doing a lot of work. Not the kind of work where you get paid, not the type where you see tangible results, nor is there a quantifiable goal in mind. It’s like I am constantly setting a stage for the biggest show of my life, I have unlimited props — and so many of them have outlasted their purpose. Maybe some I have kept due to sentimental value and others I just have not been strong enough to let go. Most created scars and we live in a world where scars somehow are corollated with a nobility of sorts. These are the stories I have been telling myself that have been holding me back. These are pains that I have been holding onto because you, he, she and they hurt me.

Over the last year I have been letting go of some of these beliefs. It has taken so many tries, often it has felt like they would never leave. At times it seemed futile. At last it feels like I am gaining steam. For those of you who have experienced the power of forgiveness you have gotten a glimpse. For the few of you out there that not only have forgiven but understand the gifts that adversity brings then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Now I am going to give you some practical examples from my personal experience. Keep in mind that there are always two sides to the story. What I can share is only mine.

To my father: For decades I held on to so much resentment for the times you were not around and was often angry about the rules you laid out when you were. I now realize that you were actually just doing the best you could with the little you had. You’ve given me more than anyone in your circumstances could have. The unconditional love, integrity, ability and desire to always be learning and so much more. No one has influenced the code of honor that I live by more than you. For all this and everything else I thank you.

To my mother: We’ve always had an unconventional relationship. For so long I held you hostage as the reason I did not trust in others, especially women. I blamed you for my tardiness and all the time lost waiting around. Now I know how valuable the lessons you taught me are. You taught me how important trust is, and that once it is broken it is so very hard to earn back. You taught me patience and how sometimes you can’t wait for anyone and you just need to pave your own way without looking back. You taught me how to stand my ground in what I believe in, no matter what anyone else thinks. You taught me to be strong even when I was all alone. For this and so much more I thank you.

To my sister: All the times you’ve lied, stolen, cheated, chosen drugs over your relationships and had to “get even” with me really cut me to the bone. I came to believe that no woman could be trusted for so many years after watching how you hurt everyone around you, including me. Wow for many years I treated so many people, particularly women, poorly because I believed they all were just like you. I know you may not be done with your process but I am not angry. I thank you for showing me how fragile people who are in pain can be. Thank you for helping me to recognize the good from the bad ones. I know that there is still much more to learn from you, that there is still more forgiving & learning for me to do. Once I get to that place I will be excited to be able to thank you for those lessons too. Please, please, please get sober and be the amazing person you can be so I can get there sooner.

To the person I thought would be a friend for life: I bought you many things, took you everywhere I could, introduced you to my network of friends and colleagues. As I gained in success I tried to bring you along with me. You for some reason sabotaged it and our relationship. When I could no longer give you tried to take more. When that did not work you blamed me for your lack of success, just as you blamed everyone that came before me for your situation. You even spread rumors which ultimately harmed my relationships with those very people whom I’d introduced you. I wasn’t even angry, I was shocked; I was so incredibly hurt. It was not even a stab in the back it was one to the chest! I thank you, for you taught me so many things. I learned that you cannot help anyone get to the top that is not willing to do their own work to get there, no matter how hard you try. I learned how to read the intentions of others and not to give out trust blindly. Without you I would never get to know how the Law of Attraction really works. Without you I may still be trying so hard to please the few people who believed the negativity you spoke about me. Thank you for taking the toxicity in my life away as you went on continuing to be you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for burning the bridge so that I would never be tempted to cross it again. Thank you for teaching me how to let go.

To the ex I loved dearly: We had some great times didn’t we? It’s crazy how things can go from so wonderful to a chaotic rollercoaster in a blink of an eye. We sure spent lots of time “trying to work it out” didn’t we? All those times you told me “It’s not what I said it is how I said it.” When we finally did split I really did miss you. I had become so lost to who I was in my attempts trying to please you. I actually didn’t even know how to be me for a little while because I had become so much less over the years. It was not until I set you free and you continued to carry on with the negativity that I realized that it was all just a reflection. You melted down in so many areas of your life, nothing ever seemed to work out for you and it was always someone else’s fault. This was hard for me to watch idly as you crumbled because I will always have love for you. One day it dawned on me that it never was “how I said it.” It was how you heard it. It was how you felt inside about you. I was looking at it all wrong, I wish I knew this sooner. We might even still be on speaking terms. Maybe you would have returned those things of mine. I do thank you so much. You taught me how to give of myself completely and where I need to draw the line. You helped me to see how negatively things like drinking and partying can hurt a relationship. Most important because of you I learned that when someone gets emotional based on outside circumstance it is a reflection of what is going on with them internally, thus I can respond appropriately to their needs. Thank you because of my time with you I am a better man.

To the perpetually disheartened customer: I know you and I hardly know each other. Actually we never even shared a meal or even a drink. You seem to know a plethora of information about me and seem to enjoy sharing a bunch of negativity charged comments about me personally — one of which is probably going to be about me using such an “advanced” word as “plethora.” You my friend, you are one tough person to please. Thank you so much for showing me that I was in the wrong business. Without the complaint spewing out of your fingertips I might still be spending my time trying to please you. I gave it my best, I devoted years of my life, hours and millions of dollars and you still hated me. At first I took it personal but then I realized it really didn’t matter waht I did. I am just not your type. It’s ok I’ve moved on, you’ll move on eventually too. Thank you for teaching me that no matter how hard I try I cannot please everybody. Thank you for teaching me to move on and to focus on what I love to do, it will always be more fruitful than trying to please the unpleasable.

The others: I don’t really remember what you did, but I am sure at the time it did piss me off. Thank you for showing me that I can move on and forget all about it. Emotions are temporary and how we respond to things is a direct path to see what is going on with ourselves. The more work we do on this the easier it is to see.

More importantly than whether or not you made this short list I really hope that you get this message: No matter how bad things seem to be in any given moment there is something positive to learn from it. When you learn you can be grateful. All of the energy that is bottled up in anger and resentment could be used to be happy and the only one who can release it is you. All you have to do is resolve your side of the story. So if you are hanging on to anything it is up to you to accept it, forgive it and be grateful for it. I made a video on the power of forgiveness about a month ago and I watch it every time I get stuck — it helps me, maybe it’ll help you too. I hope you take some time and reclaim that energy. Especially if it is me that you are angry towards. 🙂

Please take a moment and click that little heart below, share this with friends and leave me feedback. Much love everyone.

The day I woke up

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I, for some reason thought that if I gave everything of myself that I would inspire greatness from those around me. I did not realize that giving the last of myself would leave me, as well as, the world around me utterly depleted. I could not remain here.


One afternoon I awoke. It was not that I had slept in late. I had not even been laying in bed. This time was phenomenally different than any other time. This time I was hard at work, if someone was watching me they would have thought I was very much awake. I, as usual was working at an alarming pace. I was looking for the most efficiently and effective way to get through the task I decided to undertake.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was high and it was about 80 degrees. It warmed my skin and the blue sky reflected off of my eyes making them bluer than ever before. The wind was gentle and formed a mystical pattern as it blew through the grass. The song of the birds competing for love ignited chills in my spine and the hair across my body began to rise. The perfection of nature brought me to a complete stop, I listened and stared; in awe. I don’t know how much time passed, it seemed like a moment but could have been hours. It was a moment of alignment, complete bliss, where one sees through the eyes of the creator.

When I came back into my body I looked down at my hands. I was holding onto trash that I had picked up. I turned my head the opposite direction and could see clearly the area where I had not yet cleaned. The grass was covered in trash, the little bit that was put into bags were thrown high into the trees. I had hosted an event the weekend before. I gave out trash bags to each vehicle that came into the park with a code of conduct card: #1. This is a leave no trace park. The wind blew again and I watched the trash lift up filling the air. The sun went behind the only cloud in the sky. A tear ran down my face and my hands became limp. The garbage I had just picked up fell back to the ground and with it, me to my knees.

I had spent the last three years trying to create a place for families to grow together. Instead I had created a place where people would come and destroy everything I built each week. I felt my heart tearing out of my chest. My hands came up and covered my face. I was not at all where I wanted to be and I certainly was not doing what I wanted to be doing. Every bit of me felt, as heavy, as if I was made of lead.

It was the contrast of seeing the beautiful acreage behind me to realizing that everything in front of me was full of others trash. Was this really the path I wanted to continue on? I had surrounded myself with people that didn’t care about the park, about me or even themselves. I, for some reason thought that if I gave everything of myself that I would inspire greatness from those around me. I did not realize that giving the last of myself would leave me, as well as, the world around me utterly depleted. I could not remain here.

I looked up at the sky as the sun began to break through the one cloud. I felt the density within my body start ease. I remembered that it was just moments ago that I felt so wonderful. I begun to stand up and as I did something inside of me changed. I woke up to the fact that I could choose what I wanted to be doing with my time. I did not have to fight against this beating I had taken week in and week out. I was not where I wanted to be, I wanted to feel more of that bliss I felt when I looked at the world in awe just minutes ago. I woke up to the fact that I was not living the life I wanted to life and it was entirely my fault. I could choose my path and was responsible to choose the path that was best for me, no matter what others said.

It all started with the question: What is difference between where you are now and where you want to be?

The difference is not rooted in a physical location, nor is it imaginary. The difference lies in the feeling deep inside. I knew I was no longer happy pursing the mission I had undertaken. I had begun to forget why I undertook it to begin with. In all truth, I had never felt so defeated in my entire life. I don’t think I ever felt such deep sense of sadness and failure. There was never anything that I had invested so much of myself in that had turned out so sour. There was a sense of my entire inside collapsing as my body began to knot up. I felt like I failed.

It was the deep sense of helplessness, of feeling completely alone. It reminded me that we only fail if we fail to learn. I thought back to the old saying “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” It was time to make a change, it was up to me and I started to list out all the things I had learned in the last three years. Primarily, I, like you and everyone else deserves to feel joy and love and it is up to each of us to find it for ourselves. It does not mean we should neglect others. It means we need to put ourselves first, so that our joy can overflow into those around us.

I had felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I had taken it on as my responsibility to make sure everyone else was happy. I forgot about myself and surrounded myself with people that were ready to take advantage of that. I received heaps of backlash from many people who leeched off of me. I had chosen this path. I learned more about myself and those around me in the darkest of moments.

I now know who my friends really are and those who are just along because they get something. I also know worlds more about myself and what I want. I not only have discovered my purpose but also a method for enjoy every minute of its unfolding. I am so excited to share every part with you through my articles, video and a book that is soon to be released. You deserve to be happy and feel great. It is entirely up to you to find that for yourself. I am here to share with you the things that have worked for me that will work for you.

With much love.

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How Racing Drives Us

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It does not matter if we are using two legs, two wheels if we are human powered or motor powered we always find a way to race. There is a starting line and a finish line and once we define some rules we are off to the races to see who can cross the finish line first. It becomes a spectacle and it does not take long for records to be set and records to be broken. As humans we consistently are challenged and we consistently evolve as racers we make this process a primary focus of our existence. It no longer is becomes an organic process, we risk everything just to push the envelope a little further.

When I bought my first race track I wrote what I called a Mantra (click here to read). I used the wrong word for a title but what I put down for that venue is something I have taken with me wherever I go. Without even realizing what these words would set into motion I put them down and made them public. It started out with:

If you are reading this memo, we believe in you.

I wanted to make sure that anyone who was going to come would feel welcomed. I wanted everyone to know they started with a clean slate. I went on to set some ground rules for conduct so that all could enjoy themselves.

If you are reading this memo, we are calling on you to be part of our family. The initiation is simple, but very important — all we ask is that you:
– have perspective & enlightenment
– be inspiring & passionate
– promote goodness
– be a catalyst for improvement
– promote health

I went into detail on each of these aspects. I wanted nothing more than to create a community where people could escape from the daily routine. A place for families and friends to get away from the chaos perpetuated by work, traffic and any other stressors. I had a really good reason for this.

I grew up racing and it taught me more than any schooling I had received. I learned how to win and how to lose. I learned how to be strategic and tenacious. Racing helped keep my family together through the difficult times. I wanted to make a place for where others could reap the same rewards. Although my first endeavor did not cultivate the environment I was trying to instill I am so grateful that my second one San Antonio Raceway did.

The race track is more than what meets the eye at first glance. Yes it is true t first glance is very exciting too. Watching people break records is awe inspiring. The smell of race fuel is so potent sometimes it is literally breathtaking — some types of fuel actually suck all of the oxygen out of the air so you cannot breath. The noise can actually shake your body so much that your heart seems change its beat pattern. There is no other experience like it as each of your senses are stimulated and adrenaline pulses through your veins. These are the outward experiences when witnessing one race but when you dig deeper you can see that there is so much more.

Watching someone overcome all odds just to be able to line up to race is heroic. The countless high fives seen throughout the pits sends a ripple of good vibes around the facility. The endless sea of smiles and words of gratitude bring about a change in thousands. Each and every person comes to the track with a purpose, with a goal and the camaraderie of everyone working together makes the achievement secondary to the relationships formed.

Racing builds communities like the ones our grandfathers talked about in the past. The racers come out to make history while the fans come out to support it. The track is a place where everyone can feel safe and secure. There are common dreams and the relationships that are created are lifelong. It’s really amazing how the competition rarely gets in the way of the mutual respect. Racers would rather help each other succeed than to win by default. There is a higher level of importance on collaboration and cooperation than on taking a win. There really is nothing else like it.

I get to watch so many people leave the race track with huge smiles and it truly warms my heart. If we each take this same level of enthusiasm, determination and tenacity to every aspect of our life we can live life to its fullest. If you have never been to a race I invite you to come out to San Antonio Raceway and experience it for yourself. I challenge you to get involved and see how many of these aspects you recognize for yourself. I hope that whomever you are when you come out you experience each of these things and take them home with you, take them to work with you each day. You deserve abundance and greatness. The easiest way to receive it is to surround yourself with it.

Racing drives people to do more than they ever thought possible. The racing community creates bonds that last a lifetime. It is something that cannot be explained with words alone but through an experience. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it for yourself.

If you are in the San Antonio come visit us at San Antonio Raceway and like us on facebook.

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Be Bold

5 Life Improving Resolutions

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Over the years when I’ve ask around the most common New Year’s Resolutions are: To lose weight, get fit, save money, travel, quit smoking or drink less. These are also among the top 10 most broken resolutions. It actually took me six years of making several of these resolutions before I ever accomplished any of them. As a result, originally I was going to write an article on why you should not make any New Years Resolutions. My thinking was flawed. I was going to make the case that if you are really serious about changing anything that you would not need a “New Year” or any special day for that matter to get started.

Over this last year, unintentionally I accomplished most of the resolutions above, (aside from saving money — I’d rather resolve to earn more than I can spend over cutting back and saving). What was the cause? Rather than focusing on any one ailment or area in my life vigorously I made changes to my core habits and beliefs.

Taking a look at why I was smoking, drinking, not exercising and retaining extra weight were all deeply related to limiting beliefs that I had. Once I learned how to change my thoughts, I quit smoking, drank on two occasions in five months time, have a six pack sneaking through and feel better than I have in decades. The amazing thing is that anyone can do this naturally by changing a few beliefs & habits. As 2016 draws nearer I’ve come to the realization it does not matter why we commit to self improvement, so long as we do. Here are the five things I am going to commit to for 2016, that will improve my life along with the lives of those around me the most. I hope that each of you joins me.

We will have a world full of people who are living and being their dreams. A world of people who give each other support and accept each other for their differences.

  1. Personal Development: I am going to make 2016 the year I formalize my personal improvement methods. Nourishing the mind is equally as important as the body. I’ve spent a lifetime eating 3 meals a day and exercising an hour 5 days a week. It’s time I do as much for my mind. I will spend a minimum of 20 minutes meditating each morning, 20 minutes belief hacking before I go to sleep and another 1 hour each day reading, writing or researching a topic that calls me to improve upon myself. I’ve done this informally and it has yielded great results. I am excited to see how formalizing this will change things. Especially, because this resolution is how I can be guaranteed that I get the most out of each one that follows.
  2. Be Bold, Be Bigger Than I Ever Dreamed, Do What I Thought Impossible: In 2016 I will do what is in my heart with 100% effort. I will take the risks I’ve always been too scared to take without holding back. The only way I will truly grow is by putting everything I have learned to good use and finding out the hard way what I did not understand. 2016 is the year I do more than I have in any of the 37 years I lived before.
  3. Improving Relationships: This is a key area for me and works in three ways. First: End all codependent relationships. This has to be first because it creates room for new healthy relationships. If we don’t add value to each others lives than sorry we won’t be spending time together in 2016. If you perpetually are a victim and are not pursuing your dreams than we really don’t have much to talk about. I love you and I thank you for our time together but it’s time for me to move on. Second: Those of you striving to improve, those of you seeking more and doing something about it — you are going to get the majority of my attention. Let’s inspire each other. Bonus points if you are following my Ten Steps to a Million or something similar. Third: All of you whom I have not met, or maybe we never got to know each other but the time is finally right. I welcome you into my world so long as you are inspired by me and inspiring to me. It does not mean that you have all the answers but you are a fellow seeker, a fellow believer and at least one written goal that you are pursuing. Actually this may be the first thing that I ask you. 🙂
  4. Spread Love, Inspiration & Peace(LIP): Yeah spread LIP, haha. Seriously, no more arguing over trivial matters, it is a waste of time. No more debating things out of my control. All of my energy will go into showing people how much I love them (I will probably hug you,) creating works that inspire people (they may at times rattle you) and promoting peaceful communication (collaboration over competition.)
  5. Commit Early to a Far Away Place: Each year it is important that we go somewhere that we have never gone before. I prefer to go to a culture that is profoundly different from my own and the more foreign, the more I learn about me and how little I really know. This year I am going to spend 15 days in Peru. Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu & several days in the Amazon. When I come back I will be a forever changed person and hopefully I can bring a little bit back with me for each of you. My tickets are already booked so I know this one will be accomplished. Plan early and book it now!

The most important action that anyone can take right now is personal development, changing core habits and beliefs. This is the key to all other improvements and successes in our lives.

If you take on these resolutions and make them habits you will have the best year of your life in 2016. You will also pave the way to making every year thereafter exponentially better. The Law of Compounding returns makes this so. Only the last one of these requires money and surprisingly not much — flight to Lima was just $368! The point is you can have anything you want, you deserve to have everything you want so start making your dreams become a reality by creating habits that feed your mind and soul. Be fearless and start doing the things you always wanted to do. Surround yourself with good people and drop the ones that do not support you — don’t worry they will find someone else to be miserable with. Be the best person you can be by focusing your energy into positive things and spreading those things. Lastly, give yourself an experience that will change you from the outside in.

If each of you do these things we will have a world full of people who are living and being their dreams. A world of people who give each other support and accept each other for their differences. That is the world I choose live in.

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In 24 Hours-Change Forever, for the Better

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What did you do yesterday that changed your life for the better, forever?

When I look back in the past I see that there were many days that I spent more time helping others, watching tv, working for money or even playing games than I did improving my quality of life. For nearly a decade I coasted through life rather than making the most of it. When I ask around it seems that I am not alone.

If you are reading this article, I can assure you it’s not by chance; either you are actively seeking to make a major improvement in your life or a power much greater is telling you it is time.

For many, looking back on yesterdays they see regrets or things they would have done differently. There is only one foolproof way to be sure that tomorrow, when you look back on the past, you can be proud. That one way is to make sure you make the most of your day today. How can you do that? Learn something new, implement it and make some kind of improvement. The majority of people don’t even consider that their quality of life is in direct proportion to the quality of their thinking.

Why is this? There are so many theories but they all seem to boil down to this one factor: we are creatures of habit. We always do what we have always done, so we always get what we have always gotten. Even when we want to make a change we often do not know what is going to work. In an infinite world, we have infinite options which means picking the right one is highly unlikely. However rather than tuning into your favorite pandora station the road or having another night of “netflix and chill” I challenge you to redirect a portion of this time to personal development.

If you are not ready to commit to 24 hours of videos I totally understand. I take key components and make short videos, so subscribe to my youtube channel. If you like what you have read so far, before you read on, recommend or share this article and follow me. (You have no idea how much it makes my day when I see new subscribers and followers.)

For those of you who are ready to go all in, the links below are a fast, easy and free way to improve your life. All you have to do is listen; listen over and over. A magical thing will happen — your thinking will change and when it does your life will become easier. Effortlessly things just seem to get better. New opportunities arise, new people come into your life and no matter where you are today things get better. Now if you put in active effort things will change even more rapidly. There will be turbulence, you will have to leave some things, habits and people behind to change your life but it will become natural and you will grow. You will live the life you were born to live, the one you have always wanted.

I tried to put them in the order that they are most palatable. Some of the information may be new, just keep an open mind. If you heard something before listen just as intently — you are hearing it again because there is still something to be learned. I would recommend listening to each one several times before moving on to the next. Take notes if you feel inclined, recite concepts back to yourself. I learned more from this 24 hours of content than my entire brick and mortar education (I have a Master’s.)

hint: try to start your day off with these even if it is in the background while you brush your teeth, shower or eat breakfast — the tone of your entire day will change!

How To Win Friends & Influence People — Dale Carnegie (video link) 

Get the book

10 minutes — hopefully you were taught this in kindergarten and just need a refresher.

The Strangest Secret — Earl Nightingale (video link) 

Get the book

1 hour — the most simplistic base.

The Science to Getting Rich — Wallace Wattles (video link) 

Get the book

2 hours — I just recently found this one and I am amazed, you will be too.

As A Man Thinketh — James Allen (video link) 

Get the book

1 hour — written as a poem in 1903 this work is timeless.

Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill (video link) 

Get the book

2 hours — studied over 250 of the worlds top successes and over 2500 failures for differences in mindset.

Laws of Success — Napoleon Hill (video link) 

Get the book

2 hours — practical rules that anyone can follow.

Outwitting the Devil — Napoleon Hill (video link) 

Get the book

6 hours (listen to the one with commentary by Sharon Lecture) — it took nearly a century for this information to be released!

You Were Born Rich — Bob Proctor (video link) 

Get the book

10 hours — this could have been first but if you have a good base you will learn so much more from this 6 dvd set.

That’s 24 hours right there! There are more excellent works however to my knowledge this is the most bang for your minute. There are several newer works — most of these authors and books are credited. There are also older books but the language a bit more difficult and the thinking more abstract. If you think something should be added to this list then please write it in the comments. I would love your recommendations.

In the meantime, please share this with friends and family, helping them to improve their lives will make your life easier as well. I welcome questions and feedback.