Bring Joy And Laugh At Anything

We all feel it sometimes – the urge to give in when things get tough. The bill collectors are calling, a loved one just passed, you got pulled over and written a ticket, the list goes on and on. You’re now in a state of stress and unhappiness and it’s easy to get caught there for an extended amount of time. How do you turn a negative into a positive? Well, let us break it down to the basics.  

“A year from now you will have wished you started today” – Karen Lamb

I sat down with my good friend, Roman Garcia whos an entrepreneur, comedian, and talk show host to dive into how he makes the most of every situation. In this recent interview, Roman explained that it came down to two simple tricks that he uses to overcome a fearful or stressed mindset. The first key, break it down to the ridiculous. Create scenarios that endorse laughter for yourself. His second key, feed your spirit. Take a moment in those hard times to centre yourself back into the now. We’ll go in depth on how you can achieve each key and create your everlasting moments to happiness.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan

  • Break It Down To The Ridiculous

We all have days where something crazy happens and it knocks us off our feet. If you have a ‘bad’ situation make it so crazy that you can laugh at it. Not so much that it’s hurtful but crazy enough that you find humour in the situation. I will use the example of a debt collector who keeps calling. If you have experienced this or haven’t you probably know someone who may. Debt collectors are not a fun topic to think about. The owing money you may not have is daunting and confronting someone who’s asking for it can be stressful. To break this cycle we need to learn how we can lighten up the situation so we need to ask ourselves questions that help us to do so. To get on the brighter side we’re going to break it down to the ridiculous by asking these questions:

  1. What do they look like?
  2. How would you act?
  3. Are they nerdy?
  4. What would make you feel differently?

These questions are just examples but break it down so ridiculous that you have to laugh. We’re trying to see the bright side of this situation. Laughter has a component that allows you to let go of stress and that is what we are endorsing.


  • Feed Your Spirit

When you feed your spirit through prayer or meditation you can ask for whatever you want. Don’t just wait until things go wrong, go ahead and ask. But, don’t just ask and move on. You have to listen to when you’re putting out those prayers, information is going to come back to you and tell you what your next step is. So make sure your prayer and what you’re asking for is very clear and specific in what you want. Don’t just say “I want money”, but say how much. Don’t say “I need help”, be specific with what you need help with. If you start doing that and ask for specific needs or questions, and then stop and listen (even had a notepad handy), you’ll start to receive answers. This takes some practice, but if you spend the time doing it, you’re actually going to feed your spirit because you’ll start to have understandings and revelations about yourself and even how the world works. You’ll understand that you’re not a victim, but really in control of anything that you want. Obstacles are a chance for us to grow and evolve. The more you practice this, the more you will get results.


These are great go-to strategies that I learned from my dear friend, Roman. It’s important to remember these strategies to keep yourself mentally and emotionally strong. If you feed your spirit daily, train your mindset, and remember to laugh you will be on a path of great transformation and happiness. Feel free to ask me questions at any time if you need help in any of these areas as I will surely do my best to help.


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