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Creating Self-Sustaining Consciousness

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New Earth Coherence

Consciousness is the life behind all that we see – the plants you smell, the birds you watch and the starry sky you look up to at night. When you hear the word consciousness does this bring a heightened awareness of you? Do you feel yourself shifting focus? Are you thinking that you are thinking? Where I am about to bring you is something that is no longer hidden behind secret societies. These words are to bring an awareness into your consciousness so that you may take control of your life and begin to create what you have always wanted. Consciousness flows through every individual, every entity, and every form in the cosmos.

In life, you have the ability to grow and experience everything and anything in a number of infinite ways. The greatest blessing is that you get to control the joystick the whole time. This gives you a sense of excitement, right? It should. Since we control what we experience we have the power to change anything that is within our awareness. Let’s face it… Our current worldview is unsustainable, unreliable, and creates much destruction for ourselves and the environment. In this new paradigm of thinking, we will literally manifest a new way of living from a space of pure consciousness and awareness. This world is beautiful and self-sustaining though it’s up to us to create the same in our day through mastering our thoughts and emotions.

Self-sustaining intelligence

When we think of self-sustaining intelligence we tend to drift into the realm of robots and artificial intelligence; however, I am going to give a very different definition of self-sustaining intelligence in the view of world consciousness. By now you might have heard that your thoughts create your reality and this goes infinitely small (your subconscious mind) to the infinitely large (the universe or higher self). Your thoughts and emotions are connected and correlate to the way that you perceive and create in the world around you. By understanding how your thoughts and belief patterns create your reality we can begin to shift those and remove the beliefs that no longer serve your highest purpose or your path to the goals you’ve created. Being in balance with that which is around us is the first step of staying coherent and allowing this life to manifest itself.

Leaving Coherence

In order to maintain self-sustaining intelligence, we have to practice the art of energy and thought that is us. This is where bringing awareness to the self is so important. The HeartMath Institute of California has actually scientifically measured the energetic fields around the human body which is created from the heart and influenced by the mind. They have correlated these phenomena as the ‘field of coherence’, which all beings and life communicate through. When these fields are in harmonious vibrations which are controlled by our thoughts and emotions we can actually raise the vibrational frequency of the consciousness of the planet and ourselves! Now, this may seem outlandish but there are studies which prove this theory correct which you can read HERE. When our thoughts are not of love, joy, and happiness (yes even in rough situations) we actually start to create a disharmony in the world and within ourselves which influences EVERYTHING around us! It is quite phenomenal that science has now proven how these emotions and thoughts can influence our lives. Here are a couple ways you can see if you are out of coherence:

  1. You are feeling anxious
  2. You feel angry or resentful
  3. You are feeling doubtful
  4. You are out of control with your emotions

These are a few ways to tell if you are out of coherence or out of alignment with the heart field of coherence. These emotions can arise from the past, present, or future which is a direct result of your thoughts leaving the present moment. Now that we know what pulls us out of coherence let’s look at ways that bring us back into coherence and back to a balanced lifestyle.

Creating Coherence

We all experience an array of emotions which influence our daily lives. It’s up to us to support the ones that bring about self-sustaining thoughts and emotions. Some of you may feel like there is no way out and you may be right. Though there are ways if you choose which will align you once again into the heart field coherence. By becoming aware of your emotional standpoint at any given moment you can then begin to understand what thoughts are contributing to those emotions. As you begin to become aware you may release those thoughts by focusing your consciousness (your thoughts) on your heart and breathing in a rhythmic pattern. Here are 3 steps you can take to come back into coherence and a higher state of consciousness:

  1. Take 10 slow deep breaths focusing on releasing tension
  2. Become aware of your current thoughts. Answer these questions: How are they influencing your energy? Where do these thoughts stem from?
  3. Start remembering or envisioning something you find as joyful, as play or fun. Focus on these thoughts along with another 10 deep breaths focused on the heart or until you feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over you.

Congratulations, you just came back into coherence!

Bringing ourselves into a harmonious state allows us to communicate more effectively, heal more efficiently, and enable us to be fully present in the moment. We are all connected through subtle energy fields which we can all attune to at any time if we choose. For this reason, it is imperative that we shift our awareness and live in a higher state of conscious creation. If you wish to understand more deeply about coherent fields, the heart, and how you can influence everything around you check out the Institute of HeartMath. They have mapped these fields of energy and have shown how our thoughts directly correlate with our coherence.

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Bring Joy And Laugh At Anything

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We all feel it sometimes – the urge to give in when things get tough. The bill collectors are calling, a loved one just passed, you got pulled over and written a ticket, the list goes on and on. You’re now in a state of stress and unhappiness and it’s easy to get caught there for an extended amount of time. How do you turn a negative into a positive? Well, let us break it down to the basics.  

“A year from now you will have wished you started today” – Karen Lamb

I sat down with my good friend, Roman Garcia whos an entrepreneur, comedian, and talk show host to dive into how he makes the most of every situation. In this recent interview, Roman explained that it came down to two simple tricks that he uses to overcome a fearful or stressed mindset. The first key, break it down to the ridiculous. Create scenarios that endorse laughter for yourself. His second key, feed your spirit. Take a moment in those hard times to centre yourself back into the now. We’ll go in depth on how you can achieve each key and create your everlasting moments to happiness.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan

  • Break It Down To The Ridiculous

We all have days where something crazy happens and it knocks us off our feet. If you have a ‘bad’ situation make it so crazy that you can laugh at it. Not so much that it’s hurtful but crazy enough that you find humour in the situation. I will use the example of a debt collector who keeps calling. If you have experienced this or haven’t you probably know someone who may. Debt collectors are not a fun topic to think about. The owing money you may not have is daunting and confronting someone who’s asking for it can be stressful. To break this cycle we need to learn how we can lighten up the situation so we need to ask ourselves questions that help us to do so. To get on the brighter side we’re going to break it down to the ridiculous by asking these questions:

  1. What do they look like?
  2. How would you act?
  3. Are they nerdy?
  4. What would make you feel differently?

These questions are just examples but break it down so ridiculous that you have to laugh. We’re trying to see the bright side of this situation. Laughter has a component that allows you to let go of stress and that is what we are endorsing.


  • Feed Your Spirit

When you feed your spirit through prayer or meditation you can ask for whatever you want. Don’t just wait until things go wrong, go ahead and ask. But, don’t just ask and move on. You have to listen to when you’re putting out those prayers, information is going to come back to you and tell you what your next step is. So make sure your prayer and what you’re asking for is very clear and specific in what you want. Don’t just say “I want money”, but say how much. Don’t say “I need help”, be specific with what you need help with. If you start doing that and ask for specific needs or questions, and then stop and listen (even had a notepad handy), you’ll start to receive answers. This takes some practice, but if you spend the time doing it, you’re actually going to feed your spirit because you’ll start to have understandings and revelations about yourself and even how the world works. You’ll understand that you’re not a victim, but really in control of anything that you want. Obstacles are a chance for us to grow and evolve. The more you practice this, the more you will get results.


These are great go-to strategies that I learned from my dear friend, Roman. It’s important to remember these strategies to keep yourself mentally and emotionally strong. If you feed your spirit daily, train your mindset, and remember to laugh you will be on a path of great transformation and happiness. Feel free to ask me questions at any time if you need help in any of these areas as I will surely do my best to help.


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Your Three Step Guide For Massive Transformation

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Moments Of Massive Transformation

It doesn’t take long for someone to realize that they may not be where they wish to be in life. This was the case for the entrepreneur, author, and transformation coach, Pattee Brown. In a recent interview I conducted with Pattee she informed me that she was not always this person that everyone sees her as now. In her twenties, she was naive, shy, and overweight. This did not stop her desire to achieve more in life. Pattee ended up losing over 150 pounds and achieving much abundance in her life. Pattee knew she had to change and what you will find is that she revealed a simple three step process that anyone can follow to achieve radical transformation in their lives. We’ll dive into how you can identify, research, and construct an action plan for your transformation.

How You Transform

You may not realize but you are always transforming. From the time you were born to where you are now you have experienced many different variations of transformation. As human beings, we tend to attach ourselves to things that bring comfort and joy and this may not always be a healthy option for us. If we do not take control of our situations and our emotional wellbeing then things tend to get out of hand. True transformation comes from Identifying the problem so you can start taking proactive steps to overcoming. Here are the three steps to achieving that.

1) Identify The Problem

Are you overweight as Pattee once was? Do you have a dis-ease hidden within the body? Are you not progressing fast enough in your personal development? The first step to creating massive transformation is acknowledging that you are unhappy with a result in your life. Whatever that result may write it down so you can see it, hear it, and feel it. Once you have written things down you are unsatisfied with move on to the next step.

2) Ask Why

Once you identify an issue it’s time to start digging. Look into why you may be overweight – have you been eating too much? Are you eating the right foods? If you have a disease look back to when you were healthy, just before you were sick. What changes occur? Did you have emotional trauma? Did you eat certain foods? Ask yourself the right questions. You have to create a situation where you can start with a clean slate. The process of asking why will help shock your subconscious and get you out of the same space where the problem arrived. This is where healing can begin.

3) Take Action

This is where the magic happens and we hear this time and time again. Take action! Project yourself where you want to be and ask yourself what you need to do right now to begin this transformation. Write down all the ways you can overcome your certain situation. Your brain is creative, expressive, and responsive just like any muscle you must use it to your advantage! Once you start asking yourself ways to overcome and heal a certain situation you will start finding those ways. It’s now up to you to take massive action on these steps and begin your transformation.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to creating massive transformation in your life! Use this method in all areas of your life in health, wealth, love, and relationships – you’ll be glad you did. If this worked for Pattee so she could lose over one hundred pounds, become an author, businesswoman, and coach it can and will surely work for you as well. You are a powerful individual who has a lot of control over their life. Now go out there and create massive transformation!


About Evolved Lyfe:

Evolved Lyfe was created to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. We believe that we live in an infinite universe where anything is possible. This community has been created to support everyone who participates in reaching their highest self.  We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Lyfe is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.

How To Get Allot Out Of A Little

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How To Get Allot Out Of A Little

Your Guide To Success

Have you wondered what could expand your business? Of course, you have. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we all look at what we can do to add more income to the bank account. If that means adding services, making changes to our daily routines, and how we manage our time more effectively – we’ll do it all. Although doing those tasks can and may change your business for the better there are other effective small changes you can make that can change your business volumes. In this article, we will go over three ways you can maximize results with minor changes to your daily routines and tasks.

  1. Pre Planning And How It Can Help You Listen Better

There is no question that listening is the key to communicating effectively. Whether you are salesmen, client, or speaking with a potential customer, how you communicate matters. In an interview with serial entrepreneur, Clint Gibbons, on Evolved Lyfe, he mentions ways on how you can listen better when calling businesses (You can find that interview here). He states that you need to put aside all distractions – cell phones, tablets, computers (unless you’re using that for the task at hand), TV, etc. By doing this you allow your brain to focus on just the task at hand. After you have taken out all distractions write down all the things you may or may not understand. This will allow you to ask better questions. We’ve written out five questions you should ask yourself so you can be a more effective communicator!

  • What makes the client think what’s not important?
  • Is there something that drives the client?
  • What is my long-term objective with this relationship with this person?
  • How do I want this person’s business to grow?
  • What’s ahead in one to two years later?

When answering these questions it’s important that you really take time to answer these honestly. This will mean the difference between gaining a client, customer, or sale. You can also ask yourself these questions when talking in person. Now we don’t expect you to pull out a pen and piece of paper to write these all down in front of a client or customer but trust your instincts. As you develop these skills they will start to come more naturally over time.

If you feel you need more references on this Tony Robbins has a blog post about The Two Keys To Persuasion. He goes over how to communicate and get right to the root of what causes others to buy your product or services.

  1. Customer Service – How To Get What You Want

For some businesses, they need to sell directly to a higher position holding individuals in a company which means needing to get past a gatekeeper. If you have ever been in business to business sales this is almost always the case. This can be a troubling and daunting task for some but there are ways to overcome this fear and produce great results!

By asking questions that are above the gatekeepers knowledge you automatically put yourself as the higher individual in the conversation. You’re not achieving this by boasting or having a bigger ego but by asking well-designed questions that put the gatekeeper on their toes. They will most likely begin to ask you questions out of curiosity about your product or service and this is your time to listen. You can develop a relationship by gaining their perspective on why they may or may not want your service. This is okay because you want the relationship and bond with that person and company. With some persistence and persuasion, you will get past the gatekeeper and arrange that call or meeting with the owner/CEO!

  1. Leadership – How To Be Better Leader

Putting this information together and utilizing the tools that Evolved Lyfe provides you will assist you in becoming an amazing leader. You are probably wondering, but how do I become the leader everyone wants to listen too? Take the following suggestions and apply them to your workspace.

  • Build Pathways For Others To Grow

When you treat your employees like you would treat a potential customer or client this allows them to make decisions for themselves. Give avenues to explore their own personal development, share what you have learned from previous mentors, and open up a source for them to learn from. When you enable the other person to learn and make their own decisions they will grow a bond with you that will last a lifetime. You will innately develop more leaders in your business which is a win-win for you and them!

  • Give Tasks That Challenge Your Team

Challenge your team to tasks that are within their abilities. Give incentives for those who call the most businesses, set up the most meetings, or successfully reach a personal goal. This will ensure your team members interact with you and stay in constant communication. After all, healthy competition in the workplace boosts productivity!

  • Be Yourself!

No one likes having a power hungry manager or owner barking down their throat. Interacting with your team members on a personal level will make them feel like they are level with you and are most likely to do what you ask them to do. Be constructive and positive with your attitude. This will make all the difference for them and YOU!

In all, there are some great strategies out there that can really boost you and your company to new levels. By utilizing just some of these techniques listed you can be sure to see some positive results in productivity, communication, and personal development. It’s important to practice these skills and listen to those around you. By asking better questions and writing them down every day you will ensure your path to success! It’s simple to get a lot out of a little!


About Evolved Lyfe:

Evolved Lyfe was created to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. We believe that we live in an infinite universe where anything is possible. This community has been created to support everyone who participates in reaching their highest self.  We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Lyfe is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.

Angela’s Journey: From Banker To Healer

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Angela’s Journey: From Banker To Healer

In a world saturated with poor diets, doctors overmedicating patients, and diseases forming in all ranges, it’s fair to say that we have some work to do here on earth. Angela Vlasak was just like you and me, except she may have actually had it worse. As the inflammation progressed in her body she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome just to name a few. Most of these diseases are “incurable” to our modern medicine world. This leads her to a search of self-discovery and practices that would inevitably lead her to heal all her ailments. She ended her day job and decided that the world needed to hear her miracle. This is her story.

It Starts In The Gut

There’s no getting around it. Before juice cleanses, veganism, and 21 Day Fixes, Hippocrates had said, “all disease starts in the gut”. Thousands of years later, we’ve got scientific evidence to back this up. Angela discovered first hand that this was the case. Doctors would suggest foods and medications for her ulcerative colitis, ultimately exacerbating the problem. Angela had to find a ‘futuristic’ way to heal. Enter nutrigenomics-the study of how food in itself heals the body, the gut, and better yet, your genes. The truth is what Angela was eating, and not eating, was causing inflammation which was actually triggering her body’s response to one of illness. “Inflammation is the response of the immune system to foreign invaders, toxins and cell injury. Chronic inflammation, involving the entire body, is believed to drive many killer diseases. –

Mind Over Matter

This was not an easy feat. She had to overcome mental strains, cravings, and the challenges of everyday life from her diseases, but she found solace in adding one simple addition to her morning routine. She would wake up, write down three things she was grateful for, and spend at least ten minutes appreciating everything she was going through. How can any sane person be thankful for living such a painful life? Well, she teaches that in order for the mind to overcome disease and heal, we need to create a loving and accepting mindset to soothe our nervous system. When we stay in a stress-induced mindset, we prohibit the nervous system from healing. You know that one-million-year-old instinct fight or flight? Unfortunately, we kept that way of thinking even if we are not dodging flying spears and running from wild animals.

Think of a time something scared, challenged, or stressed you. In times like these, your brain thinks it needs to defend itself from a threat – the nervous system tenses the muscles, stresses the cells, and if left alone too long, begins to damage the body. Do you see how this relates? Like every other human being, when Angela felt fearful she was preventing her body from naturally healing the root causes of her diseases. It might not have been her fault that the issues arose but how she dealt with them was her choice – free will.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you” – Angela Vlasek.

How can you apply Angela’s winning formula for success to your life for improved health and wellness?

Stress Conversion – To convert stress into joy, Angela practices a morning routine for just seven days.

  1. Wake up ten minutes earlier than normal.
  2. Write down the things you are grateful for.
  3. Appreciate your life – everyone and everything inside it.
  4. At the end of those seven days, write down what is different.  Use these questions to measure results.
    1. How does your mind process differently?
    2. How does your body feel?
    3. Are you more in tune with the world around you?
    4. See how seven days can make all the difference.

Design Your Life Wellness

Angela has an amazing methodology on a diet which she created with Design Your Life Wellness that reduces inflammation and reverses the effects of auto immunes disease for many people. If you want to learn more you can book a free 20-minute call-in session where you can share your story and she will guide you through the process.


About Evolved Lyfe

Evolved Lyfe was created to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. We believe that we live in an infinite universe where anything is possible. This community has been created to support everyone who participates in reaching their highest self.  We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Lyfe is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.